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Investing in our projects is not just a wise financial choice; it's a pathway to a secure and lucrative future.

Your first victory is due to our attractive pricing strategy. Our prices consistently undercut the competition, ensuring immediate gains for our investors.

We offer a product unparalleled in the region, guaranteeing high returns on your investment. Our innovative approach and unique offerings set us apart from the rest.

We construct our properties with superior materials, using solid blocks, which leads to significantly lower maintenance costs compared to conventional construction. Your investment not only ensures a high return but also long-term cost savings.

We’re always available to provide you with a tailored return calculation or to discuss all the details, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Let's explore four different investment avenues:

Earn an impressive $70,000 by capitalizing on our pre-sale prices. As construction progresses, the value of your investment increases by 10%. Upon completion, you can expect another 10% price increase, reaching a total sales price of $400,000. You’ll still enjoy a $60,000 cost advantage over similar real estate. This means, as an investor, you can make $70,000 by purchasing, making partial payments, and reselling in approximately six months.

Short-Term Rental with Management: If you’re interested in vacation rentals but reside outside Costa Rica, consider using one of the many management companies available. Despite commission fees for customer acquisition and property management, you can still enjoy a return of over 8%. In our calculations, we’ve been conservative, but realistically, your returns could be even higher. In this scenario, your investment brings in a monthly income without you having to lift a finger. You can also reserve time for yourself, family, and friends to enjoy your property.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B): For expats looking to establish a B&B, our sales prices offer an excellent value compared to building from scratch. You’ll have spacious, independent houses with a pool, accommodating up to 10 guests and renting at an average daily rate of $300. While our calculations have been conservative, your actual returns could be even greater. Managing it yourself, you could realize an annual return of more than 12% or $44,000 without the hassle.

If you prefer a hands-off approach, long-term rentals provide a worry-free investment. Expect a consistent monthly income of $2,500 to $2,800 for such properties, translating to a 9% return, or $33,000 annually.

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Investing with us is a surefire way to secure your financial future and enjoy multiple avenues of profit.

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