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Embark on a journey to own a piece of paradise with us. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to turning your dream of owning a property in Costa Rica into a reality.

With unbeatable prices, top-quality homes, and constant support, we invite you to join us in making your dream come true.

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Here are my I learned about Markus through an acquaintance and then hired him for my complete apartment renovation and, eventually, for the garden as well. Once again, a big thank you for the excellent, honest, and competent guidance. Markus is an extremely pleasant person, easygoing, likable, professional, focuses on the essentials, and is absolutely goal, solution, and customer-oriented. Thanks to his strong expertise in construction (in all areas), he convinced me of his skills. "Made in Germany" is his passion. I will definitely recommend you to others and look forward to meeting again in the future.
by Markus Bachmann
I have carried out various construction projects with Markus Lind in Germany - especially in our beautiful homeland Bavaria. He was active at all levels: planining, consulting and execution. Markus is highly professional in many areas and has a lot of experience. He has always a sense for the right, target-oriented and effective solution. Markus managed the projects with dedication, discipline and ambition to complete the projects on time, quality and cost. Thank you for the insights and the experience I could gain during this time. Additional a big THANK YOU for the good work and trustful cooperation. Good luck and success for the future. Best regards
by Florian Pamler
We had a very professional consultation where even small details were perfectly discussed. What we liked most during the talks was the individual and personal approach, where we could experience the passion for the projects combined with heart and soul of a very sympathetic consultant Danny Vinckier. Thank you very much for this great experience. Highly recommended. 😊
by Alf Gegenfurtner
Thank you very much for the excellent collaboration Mrs. Lind. Your highly experienced, trustworthy, and competent manner has left a strong impression on us. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
by Michaela Zimmer
I had some successful projects in the past with Alexandra Lind and the result came out brilliant. She is super coordinated, always keeping to tight deadlines. What I particularly liked is Alexandra's always friendly manner. Highly recommended.
by Burcin Sahin
I had the pleasure of having Danny Vinckier on my Belgian Salesforce team for many years. When he made the understandable decision to emigrate to Costa Rica. There was immediately a big void in my business. We’ve lost not only an emable man but also a professional who always respected his customer agreement, provided perfect services and above all a true professional in designing kitchens and general interior design. A man you can count on ! Thanks for everything and good luck buddy !
by Greg De Luyck

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